Double Dark Chocolate Cake

It was my brother’s birthday back in March, and I was sad to find out that he was in Chicago at the time for a conference and didn’t get to celebrate it with a cake. To me, that is a travesty! One always needs a birthday cake - how else do you get your annual wish??

So, I decided to stealthily bake him a cake for last night’s dinner. Since we had a lot of dark chocolate in our upper-shelf and I really don’t want to keep that around (it haunts me!), I searched out a recipe that would use it and found this "Easy Gluten Free Black & White Cake" recipe. The “white” in the recipe comes from white chocolate chips, which I neither have nor like, so I replaced it with more dark chocolate (a mix of 63% and 73%). What I loved about the recipe is that the only sugar in it comes from the dark chocolate - no extra sweetener is added. I was a little worried it would come out too bitter, but it was yummy and had a good semi-moist texture. Needless to say, there were no leftovers.

Here’s my brother getting ready to blow out the candles:

Fox turns 25... and a bit

And here’s a single slice:

Double Dark Chocolate Cake
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