Thai Vegetable Soup

As I mentioned yesterday, part of the reason I’m here in SF is to make sure my brother eats healthy meals. He’s now eating egg cupcakes for breakfast and making himself veggie stir-fries for dinner, which leaves the unsolved problem of lunchtime, when he’s at work & typically eats out. I need to make meals that are semi-portable, since I have to bring them to his workplace in the middle of the day, and I need to follow his personal eating restrictions (no meat, no fish, no dairy, low sodium) while trying to stick to primal ingredients. 

To start off, I decided to make this Thai Vegetable Soup recipe. It doesn’t contain cream, as many soups do, and we found a low sodium vegetable broth, so high sodium isn’t an issue as it would be with most broth-based soups. I followed the recipe fairly closely (well, as much as I could without having measuring cups in my current living situation), except I had to transfer everything to a pot before adding broth to fit it all.

It worked out great, and I really enjoyed the flavors and fresh vegetables in it. I stored it in a insulated soup thermos jar, and it was still hot when my brother slurped it up.

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