Stir-Fried Lamb with Savory Coconut Cauliflower

Last night, I very much wanted to try the recipe just posted at Mark’s Daily Apple: Curry-Spiced Kangaroo Loin with Savory Coconut Cauliflower. Unfortunately, all of the local stores were out of kangaroo, so I decided to try a combination of a cumin-spiced Stir-fried Lamb recipe with Mark’s Savory Coconut Cauliflower. The combo worked beautifully, and Tim deemed it “the best meal we’ve made.”

After chopping cauliflower for approximately an eternity, I followed his cauliflower instructions, leaving out the scallions since the lamb recipe also called for them.

I then followed the Stir-fried Lamb recipe instructions, substituting ground cumin for cumin seeds (I was out), and adding the optional splash of water and scallions.

And here’s how they look together.. yum!

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