Bacon-Wrapped Egg Muffins

Now that there’s three of us in this apartment that all go to CrossFit at 8am, we always prepare easy-to-eat, easy-to-reheat after-workout breakfasts in advance. Our typical breakfast is now bacon-wrapped egg muffins with roasted sweet potatoes or squash.

To make the muffins, I first cook some bacon until it’s half done. While the bacon is cooking, I mix together eggs, grated cheese, salt/pepper, and sometimes wilted spinach/arugala (cooked in a bit of chicken broth for 5 minutes). Then I grease the muffin tins (with spray-on olive oil), put half a bacon strip in each cup and pour the egg in. I cook them for around 15 minutes at 350, or until they seem done. Simple but satisfying!

Bacon-Wrapped Egg Muffins
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